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YLP (Young Leaders Programme)

ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme) is a brand extension of the ISB Post Graduate Programme, wherein the undergraduate students are eligible to apply and seek admission to the PGP Programme, but if offered admission through YLP they have to complete 2 years of work experience and then join the PGP. Due to the positioning of ISB as a school which takes in only applicants with minimum 2 years work experience. the awareness of the program was very low among the target group of graduating students.

ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme)
ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme)

IMPS mobile payment system

NPCI launched the Mobile Payments System with 35 Member Banks but the consumer awareness and adoption was very low. Due to the low consumer pull the member banks were also losing interest and not promoting this new mobile based payment system to their consumers.

SBI Freedom Rewardz

SBI Freedom Rewardz was launched as the Loyalty program for the 70 M Debit card users of SBI, but was being used mostly as an ATM Card only. Getting the consumers to use the card for shopping was an important challenge. Activation of the Loyalty Account so that they can redeem and experience the benefits was equally important a challenge to address.

ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme)
ISB YLP (Young Leaders Programme)


Sharekhan.com is an Online Trading Platform which helps its customers trade online in assets like equity, derivatives, commodities and mutual funds. Sharekhan was running a Search Campaign to acquire new customers. They were not happy with the Cost of Acquisition they were getting from the campaign and invited Jigserv Digital to help with the optimization of the campaign and bring down the Cost of Acquisition to desired goals